Reasons why your dog might be shaking

Don’t all pet parents wish that their pets could talk to them? Although animals can’t speak like humans, they have their ways of communicating. Pets have their ways of interacting and communicating with their owners. If you are observant enough, you can detect what your dog is saying through their facial expressions and body language. If your dog is behaving erratic or unusual, your dog might be trying to tell you something or draw your attention towards something. For instance, your dog might shake if he is in pain or scared of something. If you suspect your dog is shaking persistently for a longer time, you should consult a vet at pet care Virginia Beach to rule out a possible medical condition. 

In this blog, we will further discuss why a dog might be shaking and what pet parents should do in such a situation.  

There are various possibilities why your dog might be shaking. If your dog is shaking, it is definitely trying to tell you something. The best way to determine why your dog is shaking is to analyze your dog’s current situation and rule out all the possibilities. 

Your dog might be shaking due to a cold, or he might be experiencing pain or discomfort. Dogs also shake when their muscles are weak. Anxiety and stress are other possible reasons why your dog might be shaking. Dogs also shake when they are excited about something or scared of something. If your dog is sick and shaking controllably, you should seek medical help from the animal medical center VA Beach.

Here are some scenarios when your dog requires medical intervention. 

  • If your dog is shaking due to pain and its back is arched, you should immediately take your dog to the vet. 
  • If your dog is shaking and you suspect he is too weak to stand or walk, it’s a sign of a medical emergency.
  • Shaking is also a sign of neurological disorders like seizures, osteoarthritis, viral infection, tremor syndrome, or kidney disorder. All these conditions require immediate medical help from professional vets. 

However, shaking is not always a sign of something terrible. Your dog may shake due to thunderstorms, firecrackers, or any such loud noises. Dogs also shake when they get excited and happy. Your dog may shake when visiting their favorite humans or other animals. 

When does shaking become worrisome for pet parents?

While shaking is not always a warning sign for any medical condition in dogs, pet parents should be aware that shaking may indicate some serious problem. 

Here are some situations when pet parents should not overlook shaking in dogs. 

  • When the shaking persists even after the trigger has been eliminated, you should consult a vet. 
  • The shaking is preventing the dog from functioning properly. For instance, your pooch is unable to eat, sleep, or play due to shaking.
  • You suspect your dog is in stress or pain.
  • Your dog is showing signs of weakness or illness like vomiting or diarrhea.

Pet parents should always be proactive when it comes to their pet’s health. Even if you have the slightest doubt about your dog’s health, you should consult the vets. Whether the shaking is due to any underlying medical condition or behavioral problem, a consultation from a medical professional will go a long way in relieving the issue. …

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